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Update: Wiki Team Recruiting

Hello editors. The first Wiki Team competition has been closed with a victory for Team Ionia. However some editors that had joined did not participate in the competition. This led to the disqualification of Team Demacia as only the Captain, Sam 3010, was participating. We now have are recruiting new members for each available position for each team. The current openings can be seen and applied for here. Please make sure that you qualify for the memberships before applying otherwise it will be removed from the list. I hope to see many editors interested in this and start preparing for the next battle which will begin in October 2011.

Team Demacia:
Captain: TehAnonymous
Vice Captain: Demise101
Member 1: Paul Levesque
Member 2: Sam 3010
Member 3: KolakCC
Team Ionia:
Captain: Technology Wizard
Vice Captain: LoLisNumbaWan
Member 1: Jamesrulez1
Member 2: Cidem1324
Member 3: Deshiba

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