• TehAnonymous

    Teh goes to Wikia

    September 9, 2015 by TehAnonymous

    Wait, what?

    What is Community Connect?
    Community Connect is an invite-only gathering for admins of both new and established wikias to meet and connect with one another, as well as Wikia staff from our Community, Product and Marketing teams. The goal of the event is to facilitate a direct, in-person dialogue with a mix of contributors to get a better understanding of what is important to them, and to share insights to our product roadmap for the development of the Wikia platform.
    During the 3 day event, admins will have the opportunity to participate in work sessions centered around Wikia’s plans for the coming year, including product vision, changes and improvements to the site, mobile productivity, community best practices, and more.

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  • TehAnonymous

    TehAnonymous AMA

    January 20, 2015 by TehAnonymous

    My name is . I am a bureaucat of the League of Legends Wiki. I've been editing for almost four years, administrating for more than three, and bureauing for over two. I've done a lot of editing over the years, evidenced by my placement on the wikis statistics page. You may have heard of me.

    This is your opportunity to ask of me, well, anything. Be forewarned that not all answers deserve questions, just as not all questions deserve answers.

    An eleven month gap is enough time to be fresh and exciting, right?

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  • TehAnonymous

    We're Number One

    April 6, 2013 by TehAnonymous


    EDIT: Ranking not shown, see http://i.imgur.com/YH5C801.jpg screenshot credit to NeonStoplight

    I don't understand what it all means, but being #1 is good, right?

    We've had 7M page views in the past week, with some 8.5k edits in the same timeframe. We've come a long way, growing along with the game. Two summers ago, the LoL wiki placed in the lower half of the top 10 Video Game Wikis, but times have changed. We are now (apparently) #1. Though it is an accomplishment, we cannot rest on our laurels, and must strive towards constantly improving to provide a superior resource for League of Legends information.

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  • TehAnonymous

    Greetings editors! In preparation for the Season Two finals/Season Three competitive circuit, there will be an editing competition to expand out our content pages about the competitive scene. In exchange for your contributions, points will be awarded, with picture-boxes for participants and winners!

    Content/points are as follows:

    • Template:Infobox tournament (400pts)
      • Template:Tournament statistics/champions (300pts)
      • Template:Tournament statistics/players (300pts)
    • Tournaments (200pts) (start with major ones in the circuit)
    • Teams (60pts) (start with ones that have been in major tournaments)
    • Players (10pt) (from teams that have been in major tournaments)
    • Navbox templates (40pts)
    • Meta (200 pts)

    For tournaments, describe the previous meta and any changes to the m…

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  • TehAnonymous


    March 10, 2012 by TehAnonymous

    Span and p(aragraph) styles format text. However, on this wiki, all formatting is standardized or otherwise accomplished with a simpler method. P styles are needless since we don't make paragraphs, and span styles are really only useful for tables.

    In general, when span styles are used , they spam the page up, without contributing anything. Usually they're a long tag string saying "format this text normally". This is often left from your editor, especially if you copy-pasted something from MS Word. To improve the quality of our formatting, I have the following suggestions:

    1. Switch to source mode editing (to the top right of your in-browser wiki editor, also permanently changeable via Special:Preferences > Editing). This improves your editing …
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