Greetings editors! In preparation for the Season Two finals/Season Three competitive circuit, there will be an editing competition to expand out our content pages about the competitive scene. In exchange for your contributions, points will be awarded, with picture-boxes for participants and winners!

To Do

Content/points are as follows:

  • Template:Infobox tournament (400pts)
    • Template:Tournament statistics/champions (300pts)
    • Template:Tournament statistics/players (300pts)
  • Tournaments (200pts) (start with major ones in the circuit)
  • Teams (60pts) (start with ones that have been in major tournaments)
  • Players (10pt) (from teams that have been in major tournaments)
  • Navbox templates (40pts)
  • Meta (200 pts)

For tournaments, describe the previous meta and any changes to the meta resulting from the tournament. For teams, any drama/roster changes, strategies. For players, their role and favorite champions.

Completed pages will be struck from the list. Please leave a comment listing which pages you have worked on, and partial points will be awarded for cooperative work (70% for two users, 60% for three...)


An incomplete list of teams, players, and tournaments are as follows:

  • Team SoloMid
  • Counter Logic Gaming Prime
  • Dignitas
  • Curse Gaming
  • TSM.evo
  • Team Dynamic
  • Team Legion
  • mTw.NA
  • Orbit
  • More
  • Moscow Five
  • Counter Logic Gaming EU
  • SK Gaming
  • FnaticRC
  • Curse EU
  • Acer
  • Alternate
  • More
  • Azubu Frost
  • Azubu Blaze
  • Xenics Storm
  • NaJin Sword
  • Incredible Miracle
  • CJ Entus
  • More
Rest of Asia
  • Team World Elite
  • Taipei Assassins
  • Invictus Gaming
  • Singapore Sentinels
  • More
  • IEM events
  • MLG events
  • Gamescom events
  • Dreamhacks
  • World Cyber Games
  • More