"Technology Wizard is a rat who likes to stick his nose into everything and create political drama without adding any value to the dialogue."

Okay, so you've just called him a rat, nosy, and dramatic. You're not really doing anything positive for your case by calling him a rat.

"Ironically, given his namesake, his technical incompetency is illustrated by poor knowledge of how the wiki software works and the fact that all his edits are marked as minor even a week after being shown how and why to correct it, prior to which he had no knowledge of what a minor edit was."

This is rather minor, compared to, say, ****ing up Vayne's page horribly (something I did once). That was...bad.

"He has selfishly mass-modified the community messages page in rapid succession so that all 375,000 users per day to the wiki are harassed by the same popup message just so that he can perform testing."

Also, minor. It's a bit of a nuisance, but they can afford the five seconds it takes to X out. Or you know, they could ignore it. How did you determine that it was a selfish action, rather than one that attempted to garner the community's attention to current issues? In addition, you're implying that he did it just to waste people's time.

"He blocks first time editors without warning. They may not do a good job because they are new to editing and some may not understand that their tests go live immediately and should use a sandbox if they wish to test. It is the job of admins to help guide new users so that they may make good contributions in future, not to ban them without so much as a warning beforehand."

I don't know about you, but if somebody changes details to "penis", "ass", or "gay" in multiple locations as their first edit, they deserve to be banned. I checked the Block Log, and all of the guys he blocked deserved it. Besides, they'll get a chance to return and contribute once their block is up. [1] I recall that when you were given admin rights, you didn't use a sandbox. Or if you did, you didn't save it anywhere.

"I therefore nominate Technology Wizard for the removal of admin rights which will not impede his ability to add value to the wiki."

I fail to see an argument here that would logically conclude with this proposal.