• Teh Grazzhopper

    Note: This is just a basic concept, I am working on a more in-depth Champion concept about the same Champion. I know it is very plain and brief. If you have any tips I'll gladly review and maybe change my concept according to it. Btw take note I will not be online very often. And he is meant to be played as a jungler.

    Passive: Scorch-His basic attacks applies scorch, which deals 10+(5xlevel) physical damage over 3 seconds and slows the enemy by 2/2.5/3%. This passive can stack 3 times.

    Q: Red-hot Poker: (Active) Flamius extends his blade in a line, pulling enemies a distance towards him, applying two stacks of scorch and dealing 25/50/75/100/125 damage (+1.1AD) to all enemies. If the attack hits terrain, Flamius is also pulled towards the terr…

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