• Teixeirao


    Baltron was found in pieces nearby Noxus. No one knows where it came from or how it ended up this way, it’s only known that his body has an extremely advanced and unknown technology, which not even Zaun and Piltover together would be able to reach.

    After all his pieces were found Baltron was taken to Zaun to be rebuilt by Viktor. Baltron’s body would only run on a energy that couldn’t be found on Runeterra, in this case, Viktor had to put a battery in his chest, but it wouldn’t work with Baltron’s tecnollogy.

    Some time after being rebuit, Baltron was reprogrammed and sold for the Noxus army. During a battle against Demacia, Baltron gets along with his old memories due to a hard hit taken in the head, he remembered where he came from. Kn…

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