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  • Tenebyss225

    Currently, their are 14 recommended champions, 15 if you count Rammus. The last recommended champions to be released were Garen(August 2010) and Sona(September 2010). 9 others were released at launch, and the others were all releaesed in 2009.

    Has it been too long for a recommmended champion to be released? They help new players get introduced to the game and tell them what champions are better for new players. I understand that we may not want to overwhelm new players with champions, but giving them new recommended options can allow them to find a role they like.

    So, here are some existing champions I think should be recommended.

    Xin Zhao: Targeted dash/cc, and other abilities revolve on simple auto attacks. His ultimate is his most difficu…

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  • Tenebyss225

    Maelstorm, captain of the storm. A pirate themed, melee, fighter.

    Health: 420(+87) Health Regen: 7.0(+0.55) Mana: 225(+42) Mana Regen: 6.6(+0.55) Range: 150 Attack Damage: 52(+3.3) Attack Speed: 0.67(+2.6%) Armor: 17(+3.5) Magic Resist: 30(+1.25) Movement Speed: 340

    Passive: Dampening Blade Maelstrom's basic attacks apply stacks of Rust to the target. Rust decreases armor by 4/5/6%. It can stack up to four times and lasts for five seconds.

    Ability: Wave Dash Cooldown: 9 Mana Cost: 50 Maelstrom dashes to target enemy, dealing 90/110/130/150/170(50% bonus AD), reducing the targets attack damage and ability power by 10/12/14/16/18% for 2 seconds and applying one stack of Rust.

    Ability: Lightning Strike Cooldown: 10 Mana Cost: 70 Maelstorm calls d…

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