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    Types of Supports

    August 12, 2013 by Rollnstoned

    Hello everyone. In this blog I will try to analyze the types of supports. There are a few different types of supports, both in utility and in role. In no case we can choose which type of sypport is the best. All types are better at something than others and choosing the "best type" depends on what enemies we will be facing

    Let us start to analyze the types of supports as it has to do with their role.

    • 1.   The 1st type of supports is the "Dedicated Support". This is the most common type of support that sacrifies  is life in order to give kill at his adc. He is often poking the enemy adc or support in order to let his adc to farm safetly and engaging 1st at teamfights ( 2v2 or 3v3 at the bottom lane ). He buys wards and items with auras in ord…
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    Types of Junglers

    August 11, 2013 by Rollnstoned

    So i recently observed that there are some specific types of junglers...There are 4 types of them and the AP,AD,Heatlh Based and AS jungler are included to them...So let's get started.

    • The 1st type of Junglers is the Duelist Ganker. He's a powerfull fighter that deals a lot of damage and excel at ganking. They have some type of CC that doesn't have to be a great stun or snair, but a slow. They can kill the enemy at a gank without the assist of their teammate. Some good examples of strong Duelist Gankers are Lee Sin, Olaf, Udyr, Jax and Heca.

    • The 2nd type of Junglers is the Gank Assister. This Jungler's purpose is to apply hard CC at the enemy in order to give the kill to his teammate. He doesn't do a lot of damage and he clears his jungle sl…

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