I know you are all busy basically creating a whole new lore of this game from scratch but I would be really happy if some of you Rioters saw this idea that I am about to propose.

So by now we all know that the Institute of War and the Summoners we all knew are not part of the current lore Riot is in the process of creating, developing, building or however would you call it. A bold and somehow controversial step from Riot, one that might still be salvaged on some levels. The idea Im proposing has the intention of pleasing both the fans and you, the developers, in one go.

Masquerade Lore 1

These are us. The Summoners.

What if we still had summoners in the world of Runeterra, but these new Summoners are like wizardy-geeky versions of us (the players) in that setting. They would still play League of Legends (emphasis on the play aspect and not the political-inforcing thing), but only as a game created in that setting to celebrate the many key figures we all know as Champions. They would play League of Legends on one of the many summoning platforms, located in all of the major cities (possibly done by Piltover or Zaun private investors called "The Rioters"). These platforms would be holographic/simulation projections that would create the numerous Fields of Battle. They would re-enact key battles between these Champions similar to how we we would do theatrical plays, movies or battle simulations like World of Tanks (just giving general examples for how League of Legends, the game, could be approached). Wouldnt that be awesome? We would still have summoners but they wont be so "omnipotent". One of the major reasons why the old Summoners were retconed in the first place.

Masquerade Lore 3

"I main Annie mid. And you?"

We, the players would still have a part in the story of Runeterra, however small it may be. One of the reasons why I (and probably many other fans) dont like the current state of the old summoners is because they are completely removed from the world of Runeterra. The Summoners represented us, so it would be natural if those Runeterran versions of us would still exist in that setting. I would really like if all of you many developers working at Riot games would considered this idea or at the very least notice this article (hell, you can fully use this idea, I wont mind it at all).

Also I would like to know what the community thinks of this idea, since well...you all are Summoners too.

PS: These are one of the pictures that inspired the idea of the "Fan Summoners". You will probably recognize them as the Masquerade pictures done by Riot for the LAN and BR servers.