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  • Texas Snyper

    Please read Part One before continuing, if you have not.

    This will be building upon where Part 1 left off. The basic concept for part 2 is that there are many different skill sets required to be good in this game and that these skill sets have certain ‘values’ attached to them. The associated values attached to these skill sets are not constant across the many different Elo ranges. As you slide up or down on the ladder, you will find different metas at work within the game and these metas are what influence how valuable each skill set is. The other determining factor is the skill level of the other players at these Elo levels. I believe that this is why somebody can have one account at a specific Elo range and a completely different account…

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  • Texas Snyper

    "Riot's rating system is broken, I can't get any higher because of all of these noob teammates keeping me down."
    "I'm stuck in Elo hell because of all the trolls and afkers."
    "No matter how hard I try, my teammates make me lose. I'm doing everything right, I ward, I call MIAs, etc but they're the ones making me lose."

    Part 2 - Skills That Pay the Bills is now out.

    What is Elo hell? It's that point in which no matter how hard you try, no matter how well you play, you can't get that win you deserve. But it's more than just that, some say its 800-1000 rating, most say its 1100-1300 rating and even still others still say its somewhere else. So how can Elo hell exist when those who talk about it can't even get a consensus on where it’s at? That is be…

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  • Texas Snyper

    (Big announcer voice) ROUND ONE. FIGHT!

    Ok guys, I'm making this blog page so that we can coordinate as a team for what pages we are attacking. According to the rules here we can only lock in one page per member at a time for edits. Use the comments part to declare what pages you've marked.

    Good luck, and happy hunting.

    What we've got so far (Aug 23):

    Texas Snyper

    • Summoner's Rift - Cleaned monster section and made features more specific for SR.
    • Stealth - Cleaned up detection and added released info about the overhaul.
    • League of Legends - Updated Field of Justice section and added parts for Dominion and Crystal Scar.
    • - Stats (for Reilock). Also added a guestimate for possible recipe.
    • Dominion items - Created this page and made a main page link on t…
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  • Texas Snyper

    The first time I had heard about League of Legends was from watching a YouTube video by a guy I follow who does game commentaries. He normally did FPS type games like Call of Duty: MW2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 but after doing a video of League of Legends I became intrigued because I usually prefer the competitive PvP type games like Call of Duty and Battlefield Bad Company 2. I had never played any MOBA type games before so it took a while to get used to the game style and I was very noobish. Luckily for me, my first week playing the game was also the first week that the new champion was available and he was very forgiving and noob friendly at that point. For the first week I rolled over teams, even as a brand new player. However, by…

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  • Texas Snyper

    Looking for thoughts, opinions and critiques for the newest of my champion ideas. Here he is. I basically wanted to go with a new or under used mechanic already in the game and decided on the stance mechanic but also wanted somebody that was more than QWE spam like sona/udyr stance dancing. Because of this I came up with the bonus spell idea while in a stance which should add to his playstyle and uniqueness. He is designed to be a close range AP mage, much like Rumble but with a short range ranged attack like TF instead of being melee.

    Lorewise, he is the embodiment of Runeterra's will. He sees the people of Valoran fighting constantly at the cost of the land and has come to the League as a representative of the land itself. It is because o…

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