(Big announcer voice) ROUND ONE. FIGHT!

Ok guys, I'm making this blog page so that we can coordinate as a team for what pages we are attacking. According to the rules here we can only lock in one page per member at a time for edits. Use the comments part to declare what pages you've marked.

Good luck, and happy hunting.

What we've got so far (Aug 23):

Texas Snyper

  • Summoner's Rift - Cleaned monster section and made features more specific for SR.
  • Stealth - Cleaned up detection and added released info about the overhaul.
  • League of Legends - Updated Field of Justice section and added parts for Dominion and Crystal Scar.
  • Ionic Spark item Ionic Spark - Stats (for Reilock). Also added a guestimate for possible recipe.
  • Dominion items - Created this page and made a main page link on the dominion main page. Added a link to this page on the items template, moved the 'note' to the bottom of the item template to look cleaner and created a DO (Dominion Only) template to tag items once we know what tiers they go into.
  • Updated most of the new items with menue trees and/or effects, added notes about what items are replacing other items, and gave Sanguine Blade its icon.


  • Riot Games Inc. - Cleaned up the grammar and wording. Added in the Riot Games' Mission Statement and created pages for the Leadership Team. Also, added in Corporate, fixed up Producers, and working on Design.