• ThanasiDK

    From League to Legend

    August 20, 2011 by ThanasiDK

    "Why do you wish to join the League?"

    "The League...as a man devoted to the art of tactics and strategy, I have been drawn to this place of magic. No, I have been lured. It would appear that the organization is a branch off of something that was once far greater, but has diminished over time until it's warmongering head rears up once again. My skills will be put to the test and all others will know fear.

    My entire life I have been thrown into the pits of battle and blood, constantly being shoved down while barely making it back up. That time passed and now I am the one content with sitting on the throne looking out over all those who had dared to say my name with disdain. However, I am not alone. Many have come to best their nightmares, rest…

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