Hi Guys, ^.^ Its my first blog post, so suggestions would be nice :)

Anyways, this blog is about Nocturne. I've been looking at Nocturne as a champion that I think has a good theme, but in my opinion isn't as strong as he used to be. Feral Flare was introduced in patch 4.5, and this made him a much stronger jungler. However, I read somewhere that Nocturne was meant to be a mid lane assassin, but IMHO I think that his burst is too low.

Some issues I found with Nocturne are either not doing enough dmg when hes going tanky to help his team, so diving in with his ulti is useless, or he is too squishy but has dmg, meaning he dies pretty much instantly if he ults in. Second,  his ulti is on a HUGE cd. 3 Minutes on an ulti that doesn't have the gank potential of say Pantheon.  Personally, I feel like Pantheon is like a better Nocturne. Panth has more AOE, tankiness, better ganking at 6, and lower cds. 

I think that a new form of Nocturne, maybe like a more get-in-get-out burst type rework could be cool. As a ghostish nightmare smokey thing, it would seem that he would be a very elusive champ. I would like to see him more like Kat, not always the first to go in, but when seeing an opening and decimating people. 

Thanks for caring enough to read this,


Edit: For everyone who's saying the global effect is too good to be on a high cd, think about how many escapes people have. When your ult is on cd, the only way to gank is to run at them with your q, then e, and auto attack. Most FOTM laners have some sort of escape or cc to stop you.