Pride in your nation is a good thing, but it can be taken too far. Maybe my issue stems from things that happened earlier in my life, but I feel that Demacian pride is overwhelming to say the least. As an Ionian, I seek balance in everything. Of course I will find my ideals better than the ideals of others, but I find that balance is best, not going too far to one extreme. Demacians are too stiff, too unwilling and closed-minded. They blindly follow into the Demacian ideals from birth with out giving it second thought, and not only that but they are increasingly proud of this. Pride at this level is near arrogance; it is irrational. I have to reason with several Demacians before about this serious oversight but it always seems to go right through them. They never want to hear any other ideals, closing their minds. I respect their pride but greatly dislike the arrogance that comes with it. Possibly I am taking too much pride in my ideals? I know I have gotten a few funny looks from a couple of my fellow Ionians, but this has been something that has always troubled me in my life. Maybe it is just that these fellow Ionians have not experienced Demacian arrogance first hand. This is something that I will continue to give further thought to throughout my life, and maybe someday I will find my peace and balance.