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  • TheBio

    I would suggest to continue Project skinline for AD assassins.

    Yasuo got one and it is nice. What about Project Zed/Talon? 

    Project Talon: Armor is metallic gray with neon blue as linings, Hood is like Crim. Elite Talon but gray/blue.Cape is chains with the usual blades(glowing with blue). Weapon is metallic gray with little glow of blue. Shurikens are purely metal with the outline of blue.


    Q - Makes his weapon glow brightly blue. If hits, Square particles burst out of the target, same bleed.

    W - Hits small square particles per enemy hit.

    E - Leaves square particles on point of cast, Target burst some of them too.

    R - Same with W, no explanations.  Maybe leave a trail of shurikens when  going in and out.

    Project Zed:. Armor same gray but b…

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