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    My name is TheCuddlyCookie and THIS IS.... Cute! Win!...just kidding,I'm not Tobuscus. But this is my SECOND blog post, same topic as the previous one! That's right, raging.

    Yup. But this blog post is on WHY people rage, instead of why we shouldn't rage.

    First of all, let's look into what is raging.

    Raging (Verb): The act of cursing (or cussing) and trash-talking about something that you don't like that another person does, or If I have to say it, what someone does when he or she is pissed off in the internet.

    Well, if we look in our own game, League of Legends, we normally see bad games, trash-talking, feeding, leaving, and much more horrible things that a player can do.

    First of all, GUIDES:

    "There are many builds that suit *Insert champion name h…

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  • TheCuddlyCookie


    June 20, 2013 by TheCuddlyCookie

    So, what is wrong about raging? Well, I'll tell you. Raging is one of the MOST common thing a League of Legends player would do. The ratio of people raging at the moment to the people who play calmly is probably 100:1. My name is TheCuddlyCookie, and this is my blog post.

    (I got this from Urban Dictionary)

    Raging (Verb):  Somebody cursing and swearing when something does not happen exactly like they planned before (or if I have to say it, 'What someone does when he or she is pissed off in the Internet.'

    Rager (Noun): Someone who rages. 'Nuff said.

    Well, as I had just read up, The League of Legends Community is one of the WORST communities in the whole history of gaming. There are always people blaming each other, raging, and much worse,trolling. …

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