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  • TheGrouch91

    Hello there wiki community. As we all know Rengar is in a REALLY bad spot right now after all the nerfs. Yes, he needed nerfs. But ONE good nerf. Not a quadrillion little senseless nerfs that make him utter shit. Anyway, the balancing process of LoL in general isnt the topic of this blog. So lets get started with my ideas how to make Rengar viable (and hopefully not op) again.

    First issue was his Q. When he first came out he could basically 2 shot everyone at level 1 in the toplane. Or at least force the poor bastard to recall or burn all his pots. Yes back then 5 pots + armor was the maximum pots one usually had at the start of the game. But even with that you were severely crippled just by one trade that you cant really avoid because of h…

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