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Supports and You

You know, as a long-time lurker of this Wikia, I have to ask of you fellow players of LoL. 

How often is it that you come across a good support? I personally main support for a bunch of my friends, and it's always a tale of the other team blaming it on their bottom lane when we win. (On the times that we do so, that is.) So, is it really the support's fault when the team loses, or is it more the lack of cooperation, or if it's the ADC's fault, for instance. I just personally want to know because it's almost the eternal standby for all of my games.

As a second point, what do you ADC's look for in a support when you soloQ or when you just casually play? Variety of support champs, communication, proper ward placement, skillshot use, or lategame teamfighting abilities? Also, talk about your favorite supports to lane with, and which supports you like best with the various ADC champs.

Thanks for reading and/or responding to my blog, guys.

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