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  • TheJjGammer

    PROJECT Zed skin?

    August 17, 2015 by TheJjGammer

    So, during the LCS there was a really short teaser for a whole new project skin, now, I did a blog post about which champions I thought could have the posibility of being the next PROJECT skin. We know that Riven and Ekko are getting new skins and I still think Azir would be a good choice, oh and Fiora... meh. Well, that's not the point, in the new teaser clearly se the word "PROJECT" and a mask really similar to that of PROJECT Yasuo. The reason we know it is a new skin for Zed, it's because during the teaser, the letter O from PROJECT changes three times to spell, you guessed it, Z.E.D. So, is this really a new PROJECT skin for Zed, or is Riot just trolling us? We will (maybe) find out on the next pbe cycle. Here's the video: https://www…

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  • TheJjGammer

    PROJECT skin ideas

    July 27, 2015 by TheJjGammer

    So, after the beautiful skin  of PROJECT: Yasuo released, many thought the posibilities of new skins of this type. I thought of four champions that could fit the PROJECT skin mold very well:

    They are, drumroll please.


    Riven, Fiora, Azir and Ekko


    There have been many fan arts about this skin, and I think it works very well. The suit and her blade both very good, and the particles in-game can be very well done.


     There has also been lots of artwork for this skin as well, it looks good, but I think that with the new fiora this skin would look amazing,


    I think that a PROJECT: Azir skin would look incredible, his sold…

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  • TheJjGammer
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  • TheJjGammer

    Ok, this is not a complete rework, but I have some ideas that can really help Nautilus (His passive doesn't need any changes)

    Q: Dredge Line/Dredge Spin:

    After hitting Q Nautilus will get ready to use his anchor:

    Left Click: Nautilus will throw his anchor (With more range) that will stop on the first enemy or terrain hit, if Nautilus hits terrain his cooldown is reduced by 50%

    Right Click: If you right click Nautilus will spin his anchor around twice, any enemies hit will be positioned in front of Nautilus, cooldown reduced by 25%

    To cancel this ability you must press Q again

    W: Titan's Wrath:

    When activated, Nautilus will boost all of his stats for a period of time, he can also stack Titan's Wrath into enemy chapions up to three times. Nautilus w…

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