So, after the beautiful skin  of PROJECT: Yasuo released, many thought the posibilities of new skins of this type. I thought of four champions that could fit the PROJECT skin mold very well:

They are, drumroll please.


Riven, Fiora, Azir and Ekko


There have been many fan arts about this skin, and I think it works very well. The suit and her blade both very good, and the particles in-game can be very well done.


 There has also been lots of artwork for this skin as well, it looks good, but I think that with the new fiora this skin would look amazing,


I think that a PROJECT: Azir skin would look incredible, his soldiers, his ult and even his turrets have an incredible amount of potential.


Ever since Ekko's abilities were shown, I could have bet a billion dollars that his secondary skin was going to be a PROJECT skin, good thing I didn't. This skin has also a huge potential, especially when it comes to his abilities like his Q or ult.

Honorable mention:

Zed: Zed would look really good, but I think his abilities cannot be as pretty as other champs. His switch between ninja magic and technology can't really be done, not the same way that Azir could. 

So there we go, that is my list of champs that could use a PROJECT themed skin. Although we all want a new Zed skin, I don't think a PROJECT skin could be it. Beside, the team needed more ap xD