Robert, Prince of Mischief

Dejavu: Target Enemy Champion hit by spell receives a Cooldown increase in all of their abilities, beginning at 0.20 seconds, and scaling with extra AP. Every 50AP increases the duration by 0.15 seconds. If an ability is not of CD it will enter in CD for the amount of the debuff. 

Get together: Area of effect that damages, and pulls together all enemy units inside towards the center of the area,and applying a slow. CD is 10-9-8-7-6

Silence, I kill you:  Target ability- summons an infernal chain that damages enemies over time every 1 seconds for 5 seconds, and slows enemies hit for 2 seconds. The chain can jump up to 5 nearby enemy targets within 0.5 seconds of cast. CD is 12-11-10-9-8

Let's Party: Target Ability- Creates 3 clones of target ally, that lasts for 3 seconds and explode on hit and  dealing damage  on collision with enemy champion. Clones runs towards nearest enemy champion. Cd is 15-14-13-11-12

ULTIMATE!!!: Target Ability- Copy target champion ultimate ability. This ability regardless of source will scale with Robert's ap. On ally cast both ultis have an aditional 10-15-20% scaling. On enemy cast both ultis are weakened by 10-15-20% scaling. This ability resets after use, and ability will go on CD if not cast within 3 seconds. CD is 120-110-100

This is just a cool concept of a copycat hero, that would fit the role of Disabler, support, and a bit of a bruiser.

Any advice to polish this more would be appreciated, and  to say what you think about would be cool.