To start off, i have to say: I dislike it when others complain about a champion being overpowerered. Now then, let's move on the the actual post.

The real reason people hate certain champions is not because they have a certain ability that is overpowered, but because of their kit strength. Yasuo is a perfect example of this. If he just had one ability that was strong but was unrelated to the rest of his kit, either that ability would either become essentially his only ability or a useless one. However his kit flows nicely (no pun intended). His crit passive works well with his Q because his it can crit, his E because it lets him get close enough to AA for a crit, and his ult because it lets him bypass half of their bonus armor. His other passive comboes with his Q because it allows him to get close enough to stab things, with his W so that he has partial melee and full ranged protection, and his ult so that he can survive being in the middle of the enemy team and survive. His Q works with his E for a gapcloser and a spintowin and with his ult due to the knockup. His W with his E allows for EXTREME difficulty in being hit by skillshots. Finally, his E allows him to catch up to anyone who tries to blink or dash away after his ult.

I know that this kind of turned into an all about Yasuo's ability combos post, but it just shows that when Rito makes a good kit, it really is noticeable.

The one and only,


(That ending sounded wierd. Will have to come up with something involving less "The"s.)