Hello Everyone, CocaColaMan Here and this is my first contribution to the Wiki. Wish Me Luck and i hope i do well. I just wanted to go over what i personally believe about The Ice Witch and personal ideas about how the Champion came to be.

The Champion

Now When I First Saw the Journal of Justice Had Lissandra in it i was happy. "The Ice Dervish" she was called. i Saw Her as an Melee Dps fighter with an oversized Scythe made out of ice, Dervish always makes me think of Guild Wars with a scythe. Now that she has been Transformed into an Ap Caster, im a little disappointed. We havent seen a strong Frejiord fighter since Volibear. (and i know Sejuanni could technically be considered one but i see her more as an AP Melee champion, like Rumble) However, im not complaining about her. I love the way they incorperated the story from the Journal of Justice and made her an evil, power hungry, monster. Making her a AP Caster was ok too, i cant remember when they released a strong Caster.


Even though i said i was disappointed with Lissandra not being an Melee Dps Fighter, i still think she is going to be an amazing champion. Im looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks of this champion. ill try to comment on everyones replies as best as i can. (Sorry for making my first one so short, but ive seen shorter on here :) )

--CocaColaMan (talk) 15:16, April 4, 2013 (UTC)