Hedo eberybody,

I thought of something while sifting through a collection of spiderman memes on my PC and honestly thought it made complete sense and it made a friend I told it to over Skype MUCH better about himself.

Think about how many times you have complained about being in Bronze, or never seeming to get out a rut in SIlver 5 or anything of the like that would bring the words to bear "ELO HELL". Think about how many times that idiot instalocked Teemo when he saw Darius picked and went 0/10/0 with negative CS before 10 minutes but tried to re-assure you guys in select that "NO PROB, I MAIN TEEMO, HE COUNTERZ THE DUNKMASTER".

And Remind yourself of every time your team threw a seemingly free win.


Did you learn from that mistake? Did you educate your team about a mistake that only YOU would've saw coming? And most importantly, did you repeat that mistake?

The lower on the Totem of ranked that you are, the more likely you are to encounter a team(Both on your side and against you) full of insanely inconsistent, ignorant, and more often than not just plain stupid people. And that means you will have to risk that fact until you get good enough to consistently carry yourself. Until you hit that point, YOU'RE LEARNING. Each game you learn something new whether it be just extra practice on your favorite champion or it be refining mental mechanics like tracking the enemy jungler and mind-gaming. The easily exploited level your playing at will AMPLIFY the inevitable skill-growth you'll get from simply playing the game because at this level your opponents will make more mistakes and the mistakes made will be easier to notice and capitalize on. Now Combine this with the fact that you have a long way to go until your against (depending on the difference between your MMR and position in Ranked) harder opponents = HIGHER AVERAGE KNOWLEDGE GAINED FROM EACH GAME.


Mistake Exploitation per game + Natural Skill Increase Per Game (Multiplied By) Total Games = More Gains

You will have more time to get better due to your level, learn how to deal with baddies easier, learn what mistakes players commonly make etc. if your at a low rank because all of these things will be AMPLIFIED much more so in Bronze/Silver/Gold than they will be Plat/Diamond/Challenger.

SO, next time you bitch about being at a low rank, If your serious every time you say I WILL GET OUT OF HERE then you will understand this concept and you WILL improve. Treat "Plastic Cup MXVII" as a learning experience, and not a circle jerk. Again, only if your serious though.