Hey guys,

For awhile now I have been thinking that an AP equivalent of Mercurial Scimitar would be pretty nice. Although I would prefer to not have it be an offensive item, rather a defensive item because I personally hate BV's situational passive.

The reason I think this, is the fact that AP Carry's arent as popular at higher level play as they are at lower level play. Why? True to form Carry's generall lack CC/Utility in every form and if they do have it it is soft CC, and usually on only one ability. Higher MMR you go, damage loses its importance. Hence champs like Orianna and TF. LoL has AP Carry's however, that DO possess CC, Veigar/Ryze/Tristana/Annie etc. this does complicate things as teams could have 2 cleanses on relatively short CD's and when 2 champions are given CC immunity, in LoL at least, it makes matches much harder in the later phases of the game.

My idea would be something like

- 45 MR

- 300 HP or 20% CDR

- Cleanse (Melees gain speed bonus same as Scimitar)

This is just a really rough concept slash idea but do any of you think it would be doable or something?