Recently, building a overly tanky champion with next to no damage has became popular. 

Since Riot decided to buff the gold efficiency of many Tank items like Warmogs and Sunfire, they have became much more popular in higher levels of play. You can see this first hand in someone like Dyrus's stream when he plays Solo Top Katarina or Renekton. It makes the person doing the stacking nearly impossible to drive out of lane. Not only does this create a very bland and Anti-Fun laning phase, but late game becomes twice as drawn out and much harder to play around.

(These are purely based off of opinion, not any mathematical fact so pls dont flame.)

  • Warmogs- Gold efficiency increased by 75% with 100+ HP, FoN passive, and Giants Belt price nerf.
  • Sunfire Cape- Gold efficiency increased by 25% when synergising with Warmog and Locket.
  • Spirit Visage- Gold efficiency increased by 100% due to absorbing huge buffs/FoN stats.
  • Lyandry's Torment- Too strong on champions such as Teemo when HP Stacking and Rylai's has already been built.

there are others like IBG that we all know need, and are going, to be fixed but the point still stands.

In my opinion, you should not be forced into playing a certain way, but you shouldnt be able to take on a completely different role and destroy with it, simply because the current meta-game makes it viable to do so. This isnt really a rant, its more of a standpoint on why HP Stacking is ridiculously OP and annoying as hell to lane against. 

I didnt include any numbers or math with the efficiency things cuz im not in the mood to do the calculations atm. Also I would need to look at the exact patch notes for the items listed and that would be a real pain. If someone doesnt mind to provide me the pre-S3 item stats, I wouldnt mind doing the math.

Does anyone else think that Hp Stacking is really annoying? If so, tell me why and what your proposed fix to the issue would be.