SOO...after a week of debate between Ezreal, Varus, and Draven iv decided that Varus is my favorite ADC. I just scored a Penta alongside a Duo Que friend who was playing Tank Ryze. So who else can share some love for this ADC? I honestly dont think he is played enough. I was able to shut down the enemy Akali(she was 23-5-19 btw) and Twitch (8-1-4) at the same time with some carefull precision and a well timed flash backwards and Q combo. I facerolled into the penta and ended the match (we lost because our jungle and top fed akali and one champ cant carry against Akali, Twitch, Shen, and Volibear lol) going 21-2-18 with 255 CS, i think he needs some more credit. Who else thinks so?

EDIT: This conclusion has not been reached through him being free this week, i have owned him since August of last year, but never truly gave him attention until September