I havent seen many Elises play her as a utility, and iv been watching quiet a few streams with Elises in them, and also iv been watching more live matches from the client itself. And i can only see people trying to play her hyper-aggressively and then fail at it, they may end up assasinating one person maybe? but afterwards, they just get ganked and die like (snaps) that. She has alot of interesting DPS in human form at the start of a fight, and can easily initiate on someone with her stun, and then show up later to mop up after the team fight with her Spider form. But even then she doesnt in my honest opinion have much viability. Many other mages out damage her, and can do a much better job in a team situation. Leave some ideas, and im doing this from a viewpoint of the ones iv seen. Iv watched around 37 matches or so with elise in them, and maybe about 3 of them they used her utility to aid the team, while the rest failed as a spider and just got focused cuz she initiated too early as a spider with rappel.

Am I the only one that thinks she has low viability besides her eqw in human form? And i know she can kill quickly with her spider but lets say the team knew that and never gave her the chance to do so, then what?

EDIT: Ok now after rethinking her damage output she has alot of damage output, but most of the time i dont c people initiate with human form, then shift into spider form, activate her w, beat them down with basic attacks, rappel as they run away, then execute with Q then if they are still alive change back to human and finish with ewq again.