Heeello guyz

Im interested in jungling Ahri.

I know how to build her and Im extremely familiar with her and know how to play her, as she was the first champion I bought with RP and the 4th champion added to my roster.(Any and all champs I own I learn how to play extensively as I dont enjoy being ignorant of a champion I own) Im just not much of a mid player so Im wondering, what runes and masteries are necessary so i dont die and can sustain decently in the jungle during my 1st and 2nd clear?

I have tried it with a friend in a custom match, one time with no leash, and one with a HARD leash. No leash I died to blue, hard leash I was left at half hp and died to red buff at the end of my clear. What stuff is necessary for me to survive and then gank before my 2nd clear? I run tanky masteries and damage/tanky runes but I still die. 

EDIT: This is just an idea, nothing serious. I would never use Ahri in this way If I was actually playing a match.