After a full lengthy review of the new system it is fine. It IS ranking and placing upon scores/performance not just win's.

Im completely into the new system, i like it quiet a bit. This is weird considering im not that happy with what Riot has been doing recently, to me, this is a good step on the road to REALLY improving the game. Revising and updating the shop was good too, but honestly, it wasnt something that HAD to be done so I m not counting that. Elo on the other hand I think was something that HAD to be fixed and was inevitably going to be replaced. While the League System doesnt entirely replace Elo, it does help make it easier to improve your standings and fix your situaitons if your "stuck in hell". also makes the game significantly more competitive and worth the competition. I personally wish they would just keep the league system but base it off of benchmarks in your ranked stats. Benchmarks would be requirements to be met and not met so your Elo would be more accurately adjusted. This would take alot longer to adjust since there are many more things to be checked but this would be a TRUE display of skill. Instead of just your wins/losses.

In other words like this:

  • KDA Ratio per match(Statistic written as ratio like 5.7:1)
  • Amount of Minions killed per match
  • Average gold earned per match
  • Win Ratio 
  • Wins(Losses will not be counted considering there are other factors more important and leaving them out will account for loss forgiveness like leavers, DC's, feeders etc.)

These benchmarks would be met according to your champion played in EVERY SINGLE MATCH. 

(There would be many many more stats taken into account than the ones mentioned above)

So if I played Janna in one match, her "Death Benchmark" would be much higher since she has the champion attribute of "Support". I could die about 3 more times than I could with a Fighter since Support is made to compromise a little bit more for the good of the team.

Deaths could go something like this but arent definitive.

Carry: 5 Deaths

Tank: 8 Deaths

Support: 7 Deaths

Fighter: 5 Deaths

Jungler: 6 Deaths

These are just some numbers that could work since you honestly shouldnt even be getting these stats in a 30 minute average match unless your making bad decisions or getting focused.

("Match Length:Deaths" could not be accounted for since that is a very static variable. And if the match lasts for a long time, your KDA Ratio should be very very high for that match so they would round off rather well.)

The league system I think should introduce a change like this, although I know it wont it would be nice if it did.

Leave me some thoughts on what you think about this idea, i know most wont like it but I dont care, its just a post.