I have been really wanting riot to buff up the logic and ai/ui in bot processing. Because beginner and intermediate bots are honestly too easy. I dont really want to go into a normal match and look like a noob when trying out a new champ, but then again, i dont want to get nothing out of grinding to learn the chap against easy AI opponents, so is there any damn way that riot could make more of a "Simulation Mode" for those who want to learn to counter, jungle, and overall learn champions easier? Plus, this would eliminate "I wanna try out [insert]" or "first time [insert]" and then they start to feed. Not to mention free week noobs would have no excuse, so this isnt too bad of a idea. You can finally learn how to outlane top against Yorick and Jayce! you can figure out how to beat Kat in mid as a basic APC! the list just keeps going on. Tell me what you guys think.

EDIT: Simulation mode wouldnt be like, more advanced bots, it would be a much more customizable version of custom. Were you could choose the methods the bots do things like playstyle: passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, hyper-aggressive.  You could also modify who lanes with who, and how the champions themselves act  like, target prioritization(who they would attack first if everyone was in a fight) and also make them were they stand and fight you, instead of running after a certain amount of damage has been dealt Also choose how they build, and place which items you want them to build for. I thought it would be a good idea, plus riot focus more on improving IT instead of the basic bots, considering its hard to make the bots as you guys said "realistic".