Hello everyone,

Yet again im here with another pointless blog about nothing that will change absolutely no ones lives.

Anyway, I have recently noticed a trend among many and I mean MANY of the people that I play with's match history. I have seen the few people that actually play ranked with a serious attitude do poorly(comparitivly) alongside their friends, while they play fantastically alone. Why is this? I have also seen it in myself. 

(Out of 6 Matches)

Average CS level 10 Solo: 111

Average CS Level 10 Duo: 90

My friends that I play with VERY frequently have a even harsher result than I do from this and I am thinking I have found the reason why.

Whenever you play alone, you have a higher sense of urgency to do well and almost feel as if (if you REALLY want to win) you are the sole proprietor of the CARRY badge. Everyone will know that YOU made that win happen and you go into the match feeling this way. In Duo though, you feel more relaxed as you have confidenece that with 2 people(skilled hopefully) your chances of winning are even greater, so you have to do less work for the same result. Now im not saying everyone feels this way, but if anyone who commonly plays alongside a larger pool of friends and recognizes a similar effect please let me know as I really wanna find out if this is true or not as I rarely lose evenly matched games by myself as opposed to when I lose most of my evenly matched games with my friends.

My reason to beleive this is while I am somewhat better skilled than most of my friends I play with (I practice alot more) they are still good players, and make the same mistakes as I do but with generally a different outcome. SO i know Im not playing with people worse than the average and thats why im losing...So if thats not it is it only the mindset that comes along with Duo? Or is it just somethng about communicating that brings a higher level of play needed to make it work? 

Anyone else noticed anything similar?

EDIT: The CS reference was just the most obvious difference that I MYSELF saw when playing alone vs playing with someone else, this obviously wont apply to everyone, just an easier way for me to asses the results of Duo que.