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Motivation For SoloQ GO!GO!GO!

Hey all

(According to OP.GG) Iv been sitting at the lonely MMR of 1269 for awhile now, but Im in Bronze 3. The group of players that I normally play with in premade normals and that im in preparation for a ranked team with are all between Silver III - Gold IV. I EASILY keep up with them in in-house custom games and about 75% of the time do well in 5v5 premades in normals. The once a month game I queue up for just to not go inactive, I have never lost. I recieve 25 LP each win so I KNOW I can win games and get alot of division progress.


I have no balls. I cri evry tiem eye try to Queue up without buddies. Its not a "fear" of SoloQ, I just dont have the drive for it. Basically, im incredibly apathetic in regards to playing LoL by myself now.

I want to play alone, but I just cannot bring myself to hit "Match Me With Retards" unless I have people to talk to while I do it, or If I have company. What I am looking for here is some personal advice on how to get off my ass and play more SoloQ (Im currently at, I think its ~125 games? Cant remember exactly)

Has anyone had similar experiences or are currently going through something similar? If so Id really like some advice on what to do. Because I REALLY want to play SoloQ.

Also, If your having similar problems maybe you could get something out of this as well.

EDIT: Thanks for all the suggestions guys!