Hey all

(According to OP.GG) Iv been sitting at the lonely MMR of 1269 for awhile now, but Im in Bronze 3. The group of players that I normally play with in premade normals and that im in preparation for a ranked team with are all between Silver III - Gold IV. I EASILY keep up with them in in-house custom games and about 75% of the time do well in 5v5 premades in normals. The once a month game I queue up for just to not go inactive, I have never lost. I recieve 25 LP each win so I KNOW I can win games and get alot of division progress.


I have no balls. I cri evry tiem eye try to Queue up without buddies. Its not a "fear" of SoloQ, I just dont have the drive for it. Basically, im incredibly apathetic in regards to playing LoL by myself now.

I want to play alone, but I just cannot bring myself to hit "Match Me With Retards" unless I have people to talk to while I do it, or If I have company. What I am looking for here is some personal advice on how to get off my ass and play more SoloQ (Im currently at, I think its ~125 games? Cant remember exactly)

Has anyone had similar experiences or are currently going through something similar? If so Id really like some advice on what to do. Because I REALLY want to play SoloQ.

Also, If your having similar problems maybe you could get something out of this as well.

EDIT: Thanks for all the suggestions guys!