Hello gentlemen/women

After remembering riots words about AP Ez and off-builds last month and pondering on them for about an hour. I became quiet frustrated at what they consider "viable" and "non-viable". Afterall, all they have been "balancing" around has been AD Ez. My frustration led me to look around for more information on what the community thinks should be done about him and I wasnt in a good mood about those either so I proposed some of my own ideas. 


-Late game scaling(requires alot of AP to deal moderate damage)

-Low mana pool + high cost burst

-Low regen

-Lack of waveclear

-Moderate cooldowns

-That awful "Carry" attribute

My Fixes

-Increase mana pool by 80

-Decrease cost of Essence Flux by 20, decrease CD of Arcane Shift by 1 sec at first and 2nd rank

-Increase Mystic Shot AP ratio to .4(Eliminates the MUST BUY aspect of Lich Bane and doesnt benefit his purchase of Lich Bane too much more than how much it already benefits him.)

-Give back his 330 MS, revert Essence Fluxes width nerf, revert his most recent base AD nerf.

To me, these would create a small window of viability to AP Ez and alleviate some of his god awful early game weakness as it lets him breathe a little bit more.

Tell me what you guys think

EDIT: I can already tell where this is going, im not going to be responding or following this post past now. Thnx for reading