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Needing Some Help With Tryhards

Hey guise,

First off, Im going to say im not a rager. I DO, however flame extremely bad players, i mean extremely bad. AP Garen in SoloQ bad. With that said I can begin on the subject.  

I am thinking of ways to not be as aggrivated by "Tryhards". I keep coming back to nothing though. We all know THAT guy. He will Ghost, Yoummuos(spelling i know), and Shureylais under a turret, when he is 10% HP and most likely cant kill you, but does it anyway just to se if he can. He then ignites u, and u escape with 7 HP after ignite wears off. THESE PEOPLE are who piss me off. I get these players almost every match in Ranked, never in Normals or ARAM, only Ranked. My question, How can I not get mad at these people? I mean, I get hyper pissed when they do this kind of stuff. Especially when they play Tanks like Volibear and Singed. I remember I had a Noctourne one match who singled me out every single time (I was Wukong) a teamfight started but he KNEW he couldnt kill me. I was way to fed, but he burns everything he had on me, all actives, summoners, everything. He doesnt even get me to half health and I solo him no problem. 

Please give some advice, I cant stand these people, and I have absolutely no idea how to stop getting so pissed at them.

EDIT: I am asking for advice on how to not get mad at tryhards, not you complaining about the post and telling me how I should stop bitching and be glad I won.

EDIT: If you dont understand what this post is about, please dont comment. I dont want to see replies like the ones that have already been made, they are 100% completely out of place and wrong. Not all of the comments are, but most of them fit the accusation.

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