Hey guise

Iv been thinking about how the ADC's dont have correlating skins and with the hinting of Special Forces Miss Fortune(Look in GP's SplashArt for her), I was thinking...Why not Pulsefire?

Pulsefire Ezreal is a great skin and yea, its a bit expensive, but the idea behind it would be to lower the price of PFE to 2k RP and give the golden trinity the Pulsefire treatment.

Pulsefire Ezreal

Pulsefire Graves

Pulsefire Corki

I figured they could release them on June 29th, the day PFE came out last year. And when PFG comes out, the price of the series drops to 2000rp universally. I think it is a reasonable cost but i doubt riot would think so. Anyway

I was thinking maybe give Graves a cannon kind of thing that he carries around, similar to the Gatling Lazer from Fallout 3? His smoke grenade would turn into a kind of electric mist maybe? Ult would just one huge blast, with a particle similar to Jayce's Shock Blast but MUCH more intense.

And for Corki I have no idea

But I digress, what would you guys like to see? Do you think this is a good idea?