After buying Rumble earlier today, i decided to go straight to learning his laning strategies instead of how to fight someone since i can get fed with a partner off the lane and maybe a few assists (since rumble is really bad at landing that last hit).

And after going 12/4/17 against a overly fed team. I think its safe to say hes not broken. and is way too underplayed.

His DPS after/during your teams burst is phenomenal, and his sustain in lane after getting WoA is great as well since his E is such a good farmin/poking tool(if u can land it), but what surprised me the most, was how i was able to miraculously survive fights with little to no escape besides my W.

Can anyone else put any input as to why Rumble still isnt played as often as he should be?

I personally believe Pantheon, Vladimir, and Nidalee are kinda broken. Leave some comments about all of this


EDIT: I think Panth is broken because of his low viability and how utterly USELESS he is in a average match. He cant match any job, and basically cant do anything by himself unless your extremely squishy and prone to CC.

EDIT: Nidalee is broken to me, because she can deal high damge in cougar form as long as she is in the right place and can catch you. But her skill cap is so high that it becomes nearly impossible to make full use of both forms, and u have a really hard time maximising the power of her javelin toss. Her heal is very low power and never is in good use unles u keep leveling it and wasting ur other skills. So you cant just "play her as support" because she would be useless as support in that sense since she has SOO much more utility than a heal. Her skills have great use, but unless leveled etc etc and laned properly, she is useless. But at the same time she can have a few remote uses. IT DOESNT MAKE MUCH SENSE. Shes useless, but usefull at the same time, in my opinion she needs a rework.