Recently my matches with ryze have been better than usual. As of now he is my favorite AP Caster besides Cassiopeia and I have been able to literally crush nearly every mid. Even Katarina doesnt give me any issue, and she seems to be the bane of any AP Mid player. The only champs that give me probs are the 2 big Anti-Mages Malzahar and Kassadin. Veigar doesnt have a place against me since he kills me off of my AP level, and Ryze doesnt stack that. Does anyone else experience overly easy lanes when playing Ryze well? Its starting to give me the feeling that I can pub stomp with him in soloq......Can I do this?

My usual scores with him are somewhere around 10/2/7 with 250+ CS at the end of an on average 35 minute match.

But keep in mind that I use a normal AP Mid rune set and mastery pages.

EDIT: Sorry I left out others that give issues like the AD Mids that are getting popular now ;Talon and Riven, also fucking LeBlanc....among a few others....Fiora im looking at you. What's with the Ryze hate? god I thought you people knew he was good.....