Heya Guys

Recently iv been experimenting with my ADC builds and trying to find kinks in them. 

Im EXTREMELY FUCKING EXCITED for the new BotRK modifications and might make it core on every ADC if its good enough. Now back to the topic..

During these tests on PBE and in customs versus some friends, iv been finding my Vayne builds change every match due to just one inconsistent thing but found one that completely dominated and seemed flawless, minus the fact that I had no defense, here it is:


Infinity Edge

Trinity Force

Zerk's Greaves + Homeguard

Phantom Dancer

Blade of the Ruined King(Rushed)

So....Dont flame me for this or anything but..I found Tri-Force to be very very good in 3 seperate maches WHEN SYNERGIZED WITH PD AND IE. 

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether or not this build really is worth what iv been getting out of it? Because in every match that iv built this it has worked.

The main issues that iv found with it are;

1.) Price and build time

2.) After rushing Ruined King I am at a loss for what to buy next

3.) I feel as if foregoing TF for Scimitar would make me lose damage and utility, but make me hard to tie down.