Hey guys

Riot's changing the PBE into a much more limited/exclusive and feedback based service instead of just a "test realm" as it has been for the past what, 2 years now? I have been a user of the server since its last sign-up back in November of last year, and have left SOME feedback on the forums in my period of using it. Nothing really major though. Mainly about client instabilities and heavy server lag back in January/February.

The problem I have with the NEW PBE concept is that for the most part, the things they are really looking for arent as much "I like this" or "I think..." its more about technical issues and actual in-depth feedback. Niether of which are honestly, things most players will be able to give in any meaningfull amounts. Of course you will have many people saying "I think Xerath's new R range is a tad bit too far [insert semi-detailed reason]" but thats not really going to cut it. They want a long list of problems/solutions with alot of detail and thought put into each line of what your trying to convey as far as "Good Feedback" is concerned. 

Also using the terms "intuitive", "counterplay", and "risk" usually grab a Reds attention.

So what I am trying to say here, is that if Riot decides to go through with this whole "Periodically refreshed roster of testers" thing, then they had better not have high expectations for feedback because many players just wont have the knowledge to apply to really important topics due to a lack of analytical information retained from experience. (Because most players dont harshly analyze the game) 

Im not really being pessimistic about Riot's plans but im not being optimistic either. Overall, what do you think about this change? It DOES give incentive to post on the Beta forums and it DOES give people a fair chance to experience new un-released content but at the same time it is a tad bit expectant and those that havent contributed enough in the past wont be up for renewed access. That amount they deem acceptable can be anyones guess.


EDIT: I am saying, Riot may be execting too much out of the community by changing permanent access to limited, tentative access based upon the quality and amount of feedback you give. There will be many who do meet the expectations Riot is handing out for this change but at the same time, I feel that number will be lower than those who dont.