Iv had it with Ez. 3 people i play with  own him and play him great (i play him well too, hes not hard after you learn his build and how to lane him) but he falls off. I primarily go AP or Hybrid ez since AD ez just crashes since he needs so much output and has little room for defense, and we all agree that he is uterly useless. No utility (oh like that W is anything good), overly squishy, slow, low damage, scales badly late due to only 2 abilities having damage late game on his AD side, and his laning phase is simlar to a mother taking care of a puppy. I cant do anything with him and neither can my friends, iv watched tons of live streams with ez in them, and even when he destroys the bottom lane, he is useless later on and contributes practically nothing to the team, so is there any true viability to this kid? I understand that he is awkward and can only hurt against certain lineups but still, the majority of other champions in his weight range or more effective, faster, stronger, have more utility and can aid their team, so why does Ez get spotlight? i love him but he is so damn useless i cant bare to lane him as ADC, any thoughts on what it may be that makes him so weak? thnx

EDIT: I still dont see what you guys think is great about him, i just went 6/0/16 Hybrid build and got ks'd 8 times but still even with Gunblade, LB, Rylais, and Guinsoos(Full Stacks) he still didnt do as much as he shouldve. i annihilated their 14/4 graves but thats about it.

(I know he is one of those champs that work much better with a 5 man pre-made and with great coordination can wipe the slate but still, its the concept and were looking at him from  a balance standpoint.)