Every time i play a normal or when i was first starting SoloQ every damn match the players ignored lanes mid-game and only sat in mid. I asked for them to clear and push while we deal with mid but everyone ignores the request and says who cares. Now, i want to know why the fuck these people cant grasp that this game has no relation to KDA when the scoreboard is up post-match. The only thing that matters is that you have the victory label over your team, and that is it. But you cant achieve that victory without getting rid of turrets and killing minions. Teamfight when possible but let the team come to you and have everyone ready so you can initiate first with CC. You get kills but push at the same time. Why is that so hard to get????? I dont understand why almost every match i am the only player with any sense, is it literally this bad and there are only about 1 good player for every 10 bad ones? How many of you have the same problem, and this happens in higher Elo's as well.