EDIT: I dont think hes OP, but every match iv played as Xin, 3/5 people on the enemy team bitch that he is still OP.

EDIT: I play him as a 2.2k hp or so assasin/Initiator. NOT A TANK, NOT A FIGHTER.

EDIT: Stop telling me how to play him, i get around 17/2/15 on a good day as him and NO ksing. The few times i do play him.

Xin is a naturally effective fighter/assasin. Hes up there with Katarina and Akali(other assasins) as far as burst damage is concerned and he can kill 3 fully fed champions in under 20 seconds if played correctly with the right build to survive them or out damage them.

Xin's Q causes huge initial burst damage when built. Lvl 2 Xin is one of the strongest damage dealers in the game at bottom lane, and can kill 2 champions, ON HIS OWN. Especially if its ADC/Support hes trying to kill.

His E allows him to close the gap, then slow you so all of his attacks and his Q can hit you. His Q is the only thing to complain about. Nothing else. and do you know why?

Xin's attack speed is a mages attack speed without runes.(His w barely makes up for this, and doesnt last long enough to form a valid arguement)

Xin's attack damage, is a carrys attack damage without runes.

Xin's movement speed is laughable

Xin's armor is average

Xin's Magic R is average

Xin's stats dont snowball without hard feeding

Xin isnt a carry

Xin is extremely item dependent

Xin is extremely easy to focus. So unless he is tanking, CC, then focus him first.

Xin is naturally squishy

Xin has nothing more powerfull than what AD carries already have.

Leave me some comments and tell me "WHY XIN ZHAOS SO F****** OP AS F****** SHIT DUDE, ONLY SCrUBS PLAY THIS N00B CHAMP!!!"

thx for reading guys.