Hello Guise

As of recent, me and my normal LoL-Pals have been discussing what lanes we feel most comfortable in and why, so we can re-evaluate what positions we play best, and why we play them the best.

My friend ghodan57 brought up a point that I have been thinking about as well for the last month or two and it was,

"Why is it, that every time someone goes mid, they have to worry about their counters so much more than any other lane? I mean, its really annoying to know, that if you go against a Fizz, LeBlanc, Katarina, Malzahar, or Kassadin with a once of intellignece, then they'll completely stomp you and then proceed to snowball so far out of control that you have to intently focus them to actually get them to an even ground with the rest of their team. It seems as if there are major issues with the game balancing in favor of these champions and how well they do versus other champions in mid lane."

I have to say I agree with him. Why is it, that every time Katarina is played? She stomps you? Why is it, that nearly every match Fizz goes mid, he gets fed so quickly and spirals out of control then generally ends up carrying-by-stats their ENTIRE team? This makes no damn sense to me.

I could understand it if they had actual counters, not just champs that do SOMEWHAT decent against them. its not like Fiora vs Jax where Jax completely destroys Fiora because his kit is the perfect polar to hers, its more like; Kassadin gets a free damaging flash at level 6 that he can use any time and a silence that you cant avoid. YOU CANT COUNTER THIS. I have gotten tired of it. People dont know what to do against them, because there is nearly nothing you CAN do. I have witnessed it first hand. I also used to mid as my main role.

Plus, now with FoN removed, and with MR/Armor being virtually worthless due to percentages replacing values, you almost cant counterbuild. Assasins dominate mid, they always have, and always will. You cant outrun them, and you cant out-damage them. Why is this?

Can someone please explain to me how this all happens? Is there some kind of secret to beating these champions outside of the COMPLETELY FUCKING OBVIOUS "dont get hit by [insert name]'s ult"??

No flaming please, and do NOT comment if you have nothing productive to say.

EDIT: I dont play mid(anymore, not since september of last year), this post wasnt from my mouth, this was an idea brought up by a friend of mine and I simply expanded upon it.