Hey guys

SO, I have been contemplating buying Pulsefire Ez for about 2 weeks now, but havent gotten down to doing it. The reason is less of a material standpoint, and more of a personal one.

I love LoL, I really do, I have spent many many days doing nothing BUT playing or practicing and I have shelled out around 250$ total for Riot. 

The reason I ask this question is because, once I buy this skin(Assuming I do purchase it) I wont be able to honestly play the game and have the same feeling about it. Why? Well I just spent 25$ so Ezreal looks different.

Knowing this I want to ask you a question. I main him, I love him, I love his designers(the actual dude at Riot named Ezreal) champions, and I can honestly say him, Orianna, and maybe Teemo, are my favorite champions...Bar NONE.

Ill say it, Im a die hard Ez fan. But buying this skin, might actually make me re-evaluate my priorities. Im a highly secular, philosophical, and analytical person that often dwells on things and knowing that I spent 25$ on a f****** skin makes me really think about what i NEED to be doing and what I WANT to be doing.  I can quickly make back and really, have no issues with 25$....but for a skin? Im not so sure.

Anyone else who seees where I am coming from can you please give me some advice on what I should do? The answer is obvious I know, DONT BUY IT, but still, my point stands.

EDIT: Im aware of the CS bug, they have seen the reports and stated they're working on a fix.

EDIT: Thanx for all of the suggestions guys, really appreciate the insight :D

Well guys, I decided to buy it. I took the inherent regret and desire that humans have seeded in them, and realised that if I didnt buy it now, my want and desire to buy it would just contiune to grow until I bought on impulse. So I decided to take advantage of me adding 50$ onto my account yesterday and got it while I had the chance, rather than waiting forever and just wondering if I ever should buy it. On the brightside, Im not thinking differently about my purchase and really dont regret it since yesterday was the same day I was able to re-organize my ranked teammates so I can look "Pro" with this skin in the placements :D Anyway, thanks guys, it helped alot to hear actually intelligent responses that werent just "lol, you sound like a fag"