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Yorick, Top Lane's Version of Satan


Iv laned against you, not anytime recently since iv been maining ADC and Support but I have laned against you many times. I have seen you at your most fed and gorged, and your most frail and starved. I have made friends with you, and made bitter enemies with you as well. So my question to you, how do you control Top lane so well? What makes you so strong, whats the secret to your domination?

This is also my question to you guys, what is it exactly, that makes Yorick so unbeatable in Top(Besides his natural sustain)? I have killed Yoricks plenty of times and honestly have no issues with them in a fight scenario but for whatever reason, even when I beat his ass 5 times in a row when we fight, he wins lane underfed, underfarmed, denied, and humiliated. How?

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