Hey guys

I was wondering what most players prefer damage wise during the laning phase. In most cases I have seen that people prefer DOT that way they can reduce things such as healing, or regeneration. Also, DOT gives you free poke as you are not in range of them to retaliate while they are left suffering.

Me personally I prefer more of the burst/DPS side as I can safely navigate a lane under most circumstances, and in my experience, DOT can be unreliable 50% of the time as some players naturally sit far back from poke range(they lose CS) and the ones that dont once they get hit with a few DOT abilities or attacks, they play against it by sitting far out of range as well. Thus forcing you to come into a window that they can exploit. A perfect example of this is a mathup in mid, Cassiopeia vs Lux. Lux will sit far back from Cass's range and use her E to poke/push, while Cass has to get INTO range of Lux to deal any sort of damage. With skill, Lux will win lane against Cass simply because Cass cant do ANYTHING about this.  

So what do you guys prefer in a champion. Damage over time poke? Or straight up burst damage. DPS sits in teh middle but I pair it with Burst because a champion like Teemo and Cassiopeia are les about AP Tristana kinda pokes(her E) and more about running up full bore and launching a massive DPS barrage on your face that tears your HP down even after the fight.