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  • Themarine257

    Darius really needs a rework, where he is buffed a little. I have played darius for 2 years now. I main him top, and he is my favorite and best top laner. As i was playing him i would read posts and forums about how OP Darius is. Darius is not op at all. You know which champs are op; Riven, Garen, Renekton, Rumble, Lee Sin, Mordekiser, Katarina, Akali and Zed. They are op, because they use no mana have good harass, have a gap closer and most importantly they HAVE AN ESCAPE!!!!!!!!! Darius has a good harass, he has no gap closer and neither does he have an escape. I have gone against numerous champs with Darius and im always supprised at how many of them can out trade me. It is said that darius counters both Riven and Garen, but you know wh…

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