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    February 4, 2013 by Themguyman

    I have a feeling that I'm going to regret doing this but with the changes to the ranking system I cant just stay out of ranked based on S2.

    But I'm finding diffculity trying again, as I would be forced to play with people that either insta lock their posistion, or call a posistion as soon as they get in the lobby and rage when they don't get it (there is no way to prevent this except doing one yourself)

    so what I what to do is get a group of 10-20 people that are nearly equally skilled, have enough free time to be available almost all the time, and are looking for others to play with to get away from solo queue.

    If I can get this together there would be 2 requirements, 1. there needs to be at least one full team, a jungler, two solo lanes (a …

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  • Themguyman

    Okay so I thought I would post this because its something I'm thinking about at the moment.

    How do you pick the next champion you want ? Do you just find the "current OP" like Darius or Diana were or do you pick an older champion with a kit that seems fun that you will keep playing no matter what the meta says about them?

    the obvious answer is the second option but the issue for some people is that said champion with an amazing kit might not fit their best role, i.e. a solo top player picks Lux, finding out she doesn't do well and then calls her UP.

    of course this example wouldn't be real as most everyone plays Lux mid or support. But it applys to other champions in a sense, now what I want to say is this shouldn't matter, as everyone should …

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  • Themguyman

    Okay so for a change of pace from talk about specifics of the game I thought I would bring up a topic that I'v been pndering for about a week. 

    Now about 3 weeks ago I started using a preset playlist while playing LoL and in that time I'v won more game than ever, now this can be attrubited to pure luck of the draw but I believe that the music has had some positive effect on my play. Its been keeping me more focused on the game by virtue of me telling myself not to really pay attention to it. 

    Now for a rough comparision before I played with music I won ~40% of games, my win rate after adding the music is now up to ~55% which is a noticable increase, but the games I have been losing have also been extremely one sided, as in all lanes losing e…

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