I have a feeling that I'm going to regret doing this but with the changes to the ranking system I cant just stay out of ranked based on S2.

But I'm finding diffculity trying again, as I would be forced to play with people that either insta lock their posistion, or call a posistion as soon as they get in the lobby and rage when they don't get it (there is no way to prevent this except doing one yourself)

so what I what to do is get a group of 10-20 people that are nearly equally skilled, have enough free time to be available almost all the time, and are looking for others to play with to get away from solo queue.

If I can get this together there would be 2 requirements, 1. there needs to be at least one full team, a jungler, two solo lanes (a standard mid and another solo lane (I'm not going to call it top because lane swaps are a thing)), and duo lane (AD carry and Support). The rest of the group would act as subs for this team if needed. 2. Again everyone on the team/subs should be around the same skill level, if possible I would love to keep the team around gold or high silver. 3. Act like a team player, it doesn't matter if you were 1950 elo or gold 3 before you joined, you're on a team, act like it, no raging at people for mistakes, no calling lanes (this shouldn't be an issue as everyone has their posistion already) help your teamates, watch the map ect.

On a final note this would be NA only, if someone wants to make an EU one then fee free to do so, but at the moment I cannot do that.

If this all goes as planned I will set up a chat on the client and, when we get more members, I will start a skype group so we can have a way to communicate in game (however if someone wants to donate a vent server or a mumble server we will switch to that)

thank anyone who applies or likes this idea I look forward to the feedback :3